G.Rushani , Nora Maliqi

EUROZONE, towards destruction or recovery?!


Doesn’t it look like European Union is expressing a period of silence before a powerful political storm?

What is the level of confidence from the citizents to the knowledge of EU polices for expansion?

Fifteen years ago the Euro was seen as a magic recepe, which should have make it possible to reduce economic differences between countries of European Union and today its shown that with or without its will, the Euro contributed for the above antipod.

Policy austerity measures for saving, recovery strategies closer to the realization of strandards can lead to the destruction of the eurozone (meanwhile issued signals). Higly developed countries in European Union, such as France and Italy are expresing great economic crises but if Euro withdraw from this countries than it could not survive thithout them.

Is it possible to overcome the cirses through interest rate cuts withing the EU?

If yes, what are the initiatives which should be taken by the European Union, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund to cure this situation? But, what will be the role of community institutions themselfs at this weak link in the union?

Greek crises is threating the economy of the whole word not only that of the Europian Union. Euro (monetary union) used to be seen as a golden opportunity in Europe (to this fiscal policy action remainvery uncoordinated) and now the same came very close to the end.

There is a question, what will happen with Eurozone if Greece is destroyed? Will it follow the same fortune the other member countries? Will this put the whole EU into a deep recession?…. Will this decrease the pace of economic development in the EU? ..or splits must be requested from the European leaders? Millions of questions remain unanswered .. because  no one had foreseen such a situation.