Davit Sukhiashvili

Davit Sukhiashvili

Post-graduate student of Donetsk national University


Georgia on the path of European integration

The transformation ofthe political regimein Georgiasignificantlyinfluenced thetheoryof democratic transition. It brought forth the task of identifying the general and specific political developments in the country. The need toresearchrelations between the European Unionand Georgiahas become particularlyurgentafterthe “Rose Revolution”; it is often calledthe most significant eventsince the fall ofthe communist regime.

The research of political transformation in Georgia and its influence on foreign policy, particularly on the European integration strategy of the country, presents an additional interest due to the increasing role of the state in international relations. In the process of EU enlargement and the formation of a new strategy of relations with neighboring countries called the European Neighborhood Policy, interest in associating with the South Caucasus region is increasing. Georgia is considered as one of the main examples of the European Union’s growing influence in the region. Political stability, the solution of territorial conflicts in the South Caucasus is an important factor in Europeansecurity.