Mirjana Aleksoska-Chkatroska

Mirjana Aleksoska-Chkatroska, PhD

Active Member of the Macedonian Translators Association (MATA)

Associate Professor at the Saints Cyril and Methodius University of Skopje,

Republic of Macedonia




Translators and Interpreters: Indispensable Link for the EU Integration of the Republic of Macedonia



Translation and interpretation play a crucial role in the European integration of the Republic of Macedonia. Translators and interpreters are the indispensable link in guaranteeing a smooth integration process and good communication, especially in the context of translating the acquis communautaire and the negotiations. They are not only language professionals, but also multidisciplinary experts and cultural mediators reaffirming the cultural identity and adding diversity to our societies. Lately, however, we have witnessed a decline in the respect for the profession and deterioration in working conditions with disastrous consequences not only for the translation industry in the country, but also for the country’s culture and language. Nevertheless, the Republic of Macedonia has a real potential for achieving its European goals provided that translation and interpreting standards are maintained and that Macedonian officials and the general public fully grasp the importance of the profession and its role in ensuring the key prerequisites in any communication—correctness, mutual intelligibility and professionalism—which pave the way towards achieving economic growth, improving living conditions and guaranteeing the Europeanization of our society.

Preferred Panel : Saturday 18 May 2013 Panel 2 The Future of EU Enlargement and the Europeanization of Balkans