Biljana Ciglovska

Assistant Professor, PhD Biljana Ciglovska,

International University of Struga

The Harmonization of Macedonian Agricultural Policy with the CAP as a (pre) condition for the EU integration



The Republic of Macedonia as a candidate state for EU membership has an inevitable obligation to harmonize and adjust its national Agricultural policy according to the rules and principles of the European Common Agricultural Policy. The CAP is one the EU`s policies where the national competencies of the state members are completely replaced with the competencies of the common authorities. The Agriculture and Rural Development is one of the key elements for Macedonia`s integration in the EU.

The process of harmonization and approximation of Macedonia`s legislation towards the EU legislation, began in 1996 by signing the Cooperation Agreement with the European Community, which contents a clause for legislation adjustment and harmonization on a reciprocal level. The Republic of Macedonia accepted the obligation and undertook all legal documents related to agro-food sector and defined the legal and systematic framework for guiding the Agricultural Policy, through imposing the most important legal act for this sector – “The Agriculture Law”. The legislative harmonization occurs planned and programmed, through the special Program for legislative approximation that is annually adopted and is complementary with the Macedonian Government Program.

The main purpose of this paper is by combination of theoretical and practical aspects to consider the importance of Macedonian Agricultural Policy harmonization process for the future membership in the EU, as well as the obligations that our country has in this respect. For that purpose will be used several methods that are usually used for economic analysis of the agricultural sector such as analytical, statistical, historical, comparative research method, method of observation, qualitative and quantitative method.

Key words: Common Agricultural Policy, agricultural sector, harmonization, legislative, integration.