Halim Bajraktari, Nazli Tyfekci, Lulzim Farizi








Challenges of Western Balkans: on the Path to EU Integration – The Case of Kosovo


Integrative approach of the 21st century, for the Western Balkan countries, remains one of most disputed issues, so as the most heuristic one. Hereby it is not proven to be enough approaching, in terms of meeting the EU requirements.

Within  last two decades, the EU, as never before, participates in the Balkans, but is the Balkan part of Europe, and  is it taking part on it?. What are the challenges, these countries should overcome, what is the willingness of fighting them, how difficult are these political and economical challenges, how should we approach the implementation of these strategies? etc..

What is the position of Kosovo on the Path to EU Integration, related to the Western Balkans countries? What strategy does the Kosovo needs? Should the examples of neighbour countries been taken in this regard, which are the reference points to be taken for us towards the EU integration? – since its known that Kosovo is just as close to the EU, as its so far away, when look from the  perspective of  the compliance of a series of reference points the EU has addressed and consistently addresses to Kosovo, what is the professional staff availability in scheduling and analyzing the political and economical path as challenges? Should we accelerate Kosovo’s progress towards the EU? Kosovo is in need of advancement on strategies of internal sector institutions, otherwise the address remains worthless, due to not meeting these criteria provided by the EU.

Key words: Western Balkans, path, challenges, integration, the case of Kosovo.

Halim BAJRAKTARI, PhD.c. University of Tirana

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Nazli TYFEKÇI, PhD. c. University, Ss. Cyril and Methodius


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Lulzim FARIZI, Dr. Sc.

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