Inesa Adhami

Inesa Adhami

“Marin Barleti” University

“Sami Frashëri” Street, no. 41 Tirana (Albania)


There is no doubt that the need to revise the ENP emerged after the new enlargement of the European Unioncompleted in 2007with the accession of Rumania and Bulgaria. The new ENP introduced in the Treaty of Lisbon tries promoting the inclusive rather dividing policies between the EU and the neighbor countries. By providing an evolution of the ENP this paper will analyze the subsequent effect of this policy to the participating countries. It will underline the key features of the ENP and it will explain the chances for the ENP to be considered as potential instrument for further enlargement of the EU towards partner states. The paper will expose some of the benefits offered by the new legal basis in terms of its possible contribution to enhancing the coherence of the overall policy, but from the other side it sheds light on some of its limitations, mostly in terms of coordination among the institutional actors involved.


ENP, EU, enlargement

Proposed Panel

European Union External Relations and Politics (Panel 3)