Macedonian Institute for European Studies (MIES), organizes an international conference titled


Europe is facing migrant crisis for more than two years. The arrival of refugees has ramifications not only for economies, but also for societies of the European countries. Their social and educational systems, primarily in Germany, became encumbered. After the terrorist attacks (Brussels, Nice, etc.), a series of questions in relation to internal security have been raised. There are different standpoints on these issues including the matter on refugee policy of the European countries which are top destinations for refugees.

The Organizational committee of MIES encourages all researchers on topics related to European migrant crisis: legal, economic and cultural aspectsbroadly defined, to take part in the conference and contribute to an intense and lively discussion. The Conference will take place in Thessaloniki, 8 April, 2017.

We aim to generate a platform for potential future collaboration of academics and professionals in this field and hope to attract senior and particularly junior participants to share and exchange their ideas, visions and contemplations.

Panels at the conference are open to proposals, but are expected to tackle the following broad areas of inquiry:


  • Europe migrant crisis: legal, economic and cultural aspects;
  • EU policy for migrants;
  • International Humanitarian Law;
  • Security cooperation of European countries;
  • Economic Capacity to cope with the crisis;
  • Migrants and the Labor Market;
  • The migrant crisis and human rights;
  • Cultural and religious aspects of the migrant crisis
  • Balkan countries and migrant crisis;
  • The policy of the EU enlargement and a migrant crisis;
  • Terrorism, the migrant crisis and the EU;
  • Human rights and changing media landscape;
  • Media and human rights coverage;
  • Human rights violations and media;
  • Media’s relationship to human rights issues;
  • Social media and human rights;
  • Ethical journalism and human rights; 

Important dates:

  • The deadline for abstract submission is 1 February, 2017.
  • The abstract should contain max. 300 words.
  • The notice of acceptance/rejection will be sent no later than one week after the abstract is received.
  • The deadline for final submission of selected papers is 15 March, 2017.
  • Papers submitted after this date will not be taken into consideration.
  • Abstracts and papers should be submitted in via e-mail to the conference secretariat at the following e-mail addresses:


Conference fee:

  • The conference fee is 90 EUR.
  • Participation of professional journalists to the Conference is free.


  • Book of abstracts will be published as a supplement to the Conference program.
  • E-proceedings/e-book will be published after the finalization of the conference. Papers will be subject to a double peer-review process.
  • Contributions must be written in English.
  • Paper presentation should be limited to 10 minutes.
  • Working languages:  English.
  • Authors are advised to comply with Chicago Manual of Style (15th edition) standards. If notes are considered as necessary by the author then they should be at the end of the text as Endnote.
  • Papers should contain a maximum of 32.000 characters (16 pages) ;
  • Papers should be accompanied by a resume;
  • Papers should contain information about the author (name, surname, title and affiliation).



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